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Laundry Pricing

Wash & Fold Service

Wash, dry & professional fold.

Residential Laundry Service Type

Normal Service:
$1.60 per lb. 
$25 Minimum Order Fee


Next Day Service:
$1.75 per lb. (+ $10.00 service fee)
$25 Minimum Order Fee
(Delivery must be 24 hours or more from pickup time)
*Promotions not applicable

Same Day Service:
$2.00 per lb. (+$10.00 service fee)   
$25 Minimum Order Fee
(Pickup must be by 10am)  
Service Area Restrictions Apply 
*Promotions not applicable


Download our new EcoLiving App. 

LOWER RATES! When you request a pickup thru our mobile app. 
Fast, seamless pickup and delivery scheduling at tap of a button.

Pricing subject to change without notification. For customers who sign up for weekly or 2 or more days of laundry service, please note discounted pricing applies to 2nd pickup service when regular servicing commences.

*Note: next day service rate of $1.75 per lb and next day service fee of $10.00 is applicable for 2 or more days week servicing where delivery occurs the next day. 

  • Smoke or water damage garments (40%)
  • Excessive animal hair removal (20 - 30%)
  • Beading or decorative accessories on garments (40%)
  • Low heat or air dryer processing for delicate garments (+$0.10 lb)

Large and/or bulk items are billed separately such as bath rugs, over-sized blankets, mattress padding, regular/down comforters. Hand washing requests additional charge. 

The normal delivery time for scheduled laundry requests is 2 days from scheduled pickup date. 

IMPORTANT: If you have selected BOTH wash & fold service and dry cleaning service on the online order form, the normal turnaround time for both laundry and dry cleaning orders is 2 days from scheduled pickup date. Additional turnaround time maybe required for large pickup requests.

Check out our service area listing. Free delivery applies to select areas. 

As a complete solution provider, we also provide dry cleaning service. Unlike other dry cleaning services, we provide a multi-functional garment bag that serves 2 purposes: turned upside down it is a standard laundry bag for customers to put their dirty clothes in for pick-up and turned right side up, functions as a garment bag protecting your delivered clothes from weather conditions.

For information on:
Dry cleaning services