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Laundry Cleaning Service

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Pick-up & Drop-off Service

Laundry cleaning is a fact of life. Give yourself one less thing to worry about and one more thing to enjoy.
Let EcoLiving take care of your laundry.

Here's How it Works...

The laundry pick-up and delivery service process is easy because you don’t need to be home!

1.  Schedule a pick-up. You can customize your order to meet your specific needs.

2. We’ll come right to your home / office to pick-up your laundry.

3. We'll use green products & processes to clean your laundry.

4. We'll deliver your laundry to you on your scheduled delivery day; you don't even need to be home.

Request a laundry pickup today!

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Ecoliving Mobile App (download and request a laundry pickup on the Go!)(Available Google Play & App Store)

Phone: 224-216-2273


We pick-up laundry and dry cleaning from your home or office. Free pickup and delivery available! Check our service area coverage for information.

Information on:
Laundry Pricing
Service Area Coverage

*Note: Pickup is free however check your area using the service area link above as delivery fees apply to select locations. Pickup and delivery rates and terms apply to Residential services. Commercial rates may vary based on location and nature of service provided.