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How We Clean

EcoLiving Cleaning Techniques

We provide our customers with a choice of different naturally derived, environmentally safe washing agents. These agents range from biodegradable soaps, non chlorine bleaches and 100% natural soap nuts, which is the most gentle form of cleaning your laundry. These cleaning solutions are best for more sensitive laundry needs such as people with skin allergies and infant linens.

We offer the below cleaning options:

Seventh Generation Natural 2X Concentrated Detergent - Free & Clear
Seventh Generation Natural 2X Concentrated Detergent - Lavender

There are many reasons why “going green” with your laundry is beneficial. Click here to find out...Why Should I Care What Laundry Detergent to Use?

Garment Care Authorization

EcoLiving employs an inspection process of each garment. If we spot a potential problem with a garment, we will ask for your permission before cleaning it. The problem may be a concern about colorfastness, garment accessories or the age/weakness of the fabric. The purpose of the authorization is to alert you to the possibility that your clothes may be adversely affected if they are cleaned. If you consent, the garment will be clearly marked by our cleaning associates, and then laundered with extreme care. As a professional courtesy, pet hair removal is included in the laundry cleaning process*.  If we cannot get your authorization in a timely manner, then our garment cleaning associates may decide to return the item without cleaning it.

Also, for your comfort, we provide a special laundry cleaning care instruction section on the online order form that enables you to specify laundry cleaning requests such as air dry garments, delicate wash, etc. Terms of Service. 

* Please note additional service charges may apply in event there is need for deeper laundry cleaning. A customer care representative would contact you in advance to get your authorization in a timely manner. Please note although we provide pet hair removal techniques during the cleaning process, we cannot guarantee that all hair is removable which is based on garment fabric type and degree of pet hair coverage on the garment.   

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