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"This is my first time using a laundry service and after this experience, I don't know why I didn't think of using a laundry pick-up service sooner. Eco Living provides affordable and premium service." - Shawna, Evanston.

"The driver was awesome! My laundry was taken up and down a flight of stairs for us. Thank you! We will continue to use this service." - Lindsey, Chicago. 

"You guys are awesome! I have little kids and a VERY busy lifestyle. Your laundry service provides me more free time. Thank you so much!" - Tammy, Chicago.

"I have skin allergies and I have used other laundry service companies in the past and the cleaning products they used would irritate my skin. Since I have been using your service, the laundry cleaning does not irritate my skin. I will definitely use your service going forward." - Kim, Chicago.

"We just wanted to thank you for the professional job you did on our laundry this week. We finally got around to unpacking the laundry bags and putting everything away and were delighted to have everything clean, organized and neatly folded. You truly saved us in a pinch and we appreciate it." - Jenny, Chicago.

"I do not like doing laundry at all. Your service is a life saver!" - Matt, Chicago.

"Your house cleaning service is wonderful. The lady that cleans my house creates a refreshing atmosphere when I come home from work. My condo is orderly and cleaned to perfection." - Janet, Chicago.

"My spa company uses their laundry service and I am quite pleased. My linens are always picked up and delivered on time and they even provide emergency requests as well when I am in desperate need." - Susan, Chicago.